What happens when we consume both sildenafil and alcohol together

sildenafil and alcohol

Is it safe to consume alcohol while you are taking Viagra?

Most people who take Viagra like to have a drink afterward, too. However, the combination of both of these could have a negative effect on your ability to build up. Find out how healthy Viagra and alcohol are when taken together.

Viagra side effects with alcohol

Testosterone is the hormone that is largely responsible for male sexuality in males, whereas estrogen is largely responsible for female sexuality. Chronic alcohol use (alcoholism) can lead to a decrease in the production of testosterone and a rise in the production of estrogen, leading to the opposite effect of what Viagra is trying to achieve.

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Although the majority of side effects experienced by those using Viagra are mild in nature, drinking although taking Viagra can make the side effects of the drug worse.

If a person drinks excessively while on Viagra, for example, they can experience a rapid drop in blood pressure, intense dizziness, or rapidly blurred vision.

Sildenafil interactions with alcohol

  • Overall, most physicians believe that it is possible to mix alcohol with Viagra, as long as the mix is done in moderation.
  • That means a person needs to understand clearly what moderate drinking means.
  • A single drink is five ounces of wine, 12 ounces of beer, or one shot (1.5 ounces) of hard liquor, and a person can consume no more than two drinks in a single day or time span to be moderately drinking.

Can sildenafil be taken with alcohol?

Viagra is the most commonly used treatment for people with erectile dysfunction. Alcohol is, however, one of the reasons why erectile dysfunction may happen first. While alcohol can help you to overcome anxiety, your sexual function can also be affected.

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Alcohol consumption can influence a large hormone gland in the brain leading to lower testosterone secretion and potentially hormone induced ED. Alcohol level can also be affected by an erection of the nerves in the penis, although it is still unclear how alcohol triggers ED. If you take Viagra because in the past you had trouble with erections, then you must stop taking alcohol and Viagra together.

what happens with sildenafil and alcohol

Furthermore, alcohol and Viagra may interact, as well as related drugs such as Viagra Attach or Sildenafil. Like alcohol, Viagra reduces your blood pressure. You can have dizziness, lightness, fainting, vomiting, and even heart palpitations if the blood pressure level is too weak. All such side-effects from Viagra is not only potentially dangerous – your sexual performance does not increase either.

How long after taking Viagra can you consume alcohol?

Where done in moderation, mixing alcohol and Viagra may be safe. In other words, a person should take Viagra as prescribed and drink moderately, or on average less than three drinks in a single day for men, less than two drinks for women, and no more than one drink per hour. In terms of immediate health risks, combining alcohol and Viagra isn’t necessarily harmful.

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Nonetheless, when mixing alcohol and Viagra, we can consider interactions between the two drugs and the effects each has on the body. Secondly, alcohol can exacerbate the side effects of Viagra even while drinking in moderation, which is considered healthy. Second, alcohol will make this ED drug useless too. Viagra is widely used for treating erectile dysfunction. The drug is often used to cause long-term erections when used recreationally. Yet alcohol works to slow down certain



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